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  1. Gogs


    JEBITE KAMIKAZICE u male pickice. Nek' znaju tko je glavni u Hr. Pozz ekipa. Sorry for spam @BadBlue8
  2. Gogs

    Fyber, App Store, Ftx, am I wrong if I put You all in the same box?!

    I am having struggle past couple months, with Fyber and FTX. I came to point where, already mentioned partners, don't wanna answer my replys on mail. I wasn't about to make boring unreasonable replys, or to bother with something just to write it, I am having a issue. I spent the money to achieve...
  3. Gogs

    Playing Narcos: Cartel Wars on laptops

    Guys! Am trying to figure out, does any1 of u play this game on laptop or computer(no tablet, iPad, or etc.) I use iPhone and want to figure out is there any free application or program for laptop to compare my phone to windows? thanks for help. Gogs
  4. Gogs

    Base Layouts, ask for advice

    Greetings fellas, Playing Narcos a couple months from now, made acount on this forum maybe month, or more ago. It doesnt matter. Here we go, as I can see in last few threads u can not find any of threads that could/might help u to get in touch with Narcos Cartel War, like help in base layouts...
  5. Gogs


    Greetings fellas, Do we have announcement for this Ftx event?(occasions) :) sarcastic