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    New tower code error (cuts the flashbang)

    ftx have in the new tower description ”stop stun effect” or something like that, not stop flashbang or cut bigbang effect. Are you joking???? Players buying flare, Alan, widow for what? Putting flashbang talents in rosa, laquica, and whatever for what? This is a big joke ftx, upgrading finca is...
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    what about Pacho? how to get it....

    The game have a unique sicario, Pacho... the only one with health bonus to nearby defenses, and where can i get it? nowhere, it is impossible to get it, when he was released it was a payed sicario, no chances to get it free, the game was itself a pay for play for a long time but ftx changes for...
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    Bounty Hunting second week stoped??

    Hello everybody, is this a cartel error or does not start to anyone?? @Chase - FTX Games why do we have a 2 week stop in the bounty hunting??
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    new bases are gone, great maintenance update for the christmas gifts

    after this short ingame update the new bases with sicarios and abilities are gone
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    BB and GD the stupidity at his best

    So FTX put this new abilities, a lot of them and what people care? Big bang and Ground Defense only. Maybe some players don't know about how it works and are bad at math too so i will expose all the situation. If you have 43% of Big bang and full missile no one can defend. Even a guy with 6...
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    Hi there, this is something that can benefict all the cartels. The war is the best thing we have in this game, all the players want to participate on it, but at this moment we have a lot of team mates beeing out of wars, it is difficult to have a 25 Vs 25 in a minimum of cartel players, even...
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    Los GoodFellas @ war with Potogal (nodeploy)

    for sure you can win without missile attacks... Can we enjoy some gameplay without direct missile or bomb attack to the HQ?
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    Storage bonus not fixed yet.

    Ok... i don't know what to do, i want to upgrade something but not enought space in the storage because the cartel bonus does not work. Sometimes yes another times no, what the ****... have 6700000+ Money and not full i attack a outpost and loose a lot of Money and then is full?? Lol... is this...
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    Update bugs

    i there, this update have several bugs. One is the energy points we have to attack the advaced posts is not working with the cartel bonus. Another one is the storage amount not working with the cartel bonuses Maybe but not sure the troups bonus is not working too, we can not see that attacking...