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  1. UncleJimm

    Change cartel name

    That logic hurts my mind
  2. UncleJimm

    Change cartel name

    No transparancy. It is a scam
  3. UncleJimm


    I am interested to request this support ticket. Could you please share us the details and requirements? or we just send an email?
  4. UncleJimm


    we should find our own war match
  5. UncleJimm

    Bring Back The Narcos Website

  6. UncleJimm

    death mask raid event

    They want you to spend gold to reinforce, don't you realized? lol
  7. UncleJimm

    Stealth Flamethrower

    Don't you think that is the "stealth" part that distinguish it from other guerilla buildings?
  8. UncleJimm

    Stealth Flamethrower

    So you now helping ftx to clarify every bugs?
  9. UncleJimm

    what are you preparing for the next update?

    --yeah! but FTX don't listen to a suggestion like this. I posted a comment long time ago that they should remove resources boost (like cash/iron/wood production, etc) on a permanent defensive talent.
  10. UncleJimm

    Don Neto

    Why do you still ask them? You can find it on the game description. ;) There is money and power to be made. From now on, nowhere is safe. About NARCOS: Narcos is an inside look at the men who would stop at nothing to take down the cocaine drug lords. From the Colombian government to the DEA...
  11. UncleJimm

    Warden Tower !

    It looks like you have to build a new attacking squad with full Parca/David. Any reason to spend more money.
  12. UncleJimm

    Query - Prison Layout

    Champion League is the top standing on weekly tournament, you can see in following picture.
  13. UncleJimm

    Sign In Button Doesn't Work

    Thanks Ben for your confirmation, and glad to know that the problem is not from what I thought was the sign in button. It's simply from my google play service which is not working since having an update. It backs to normal after I reinstall google play app. Cheers!
  14. UncleJimm

    Sign In Button Doesn't Work

    Hi @Ben - FTX Games @Chase - FTX Games I cannot use the sign in/sign out button for google play account, to switch my ID (installed in 1 device) I have emailed the support team but, i just waiting until the sign in button works again. I won't to go through the Facebook login process to resolve...
  15. UncleJimm

    Bounty Hunt - Nov 19th?

    announcement page is useless since a long time ago.
  16. UncleJimm

    Query - Prison Layout

    no you have to claim the league winner rewards 3 times streak, outside the period you have been through.
  17. UncleJimm

    Info needed

    Nothing new on what you mention about sicario stacking. FTX just show the information on how the benefit abilities of every single sicario, does stack or not. An example on how it works, let say 4 blue Diegos on your squad will give you a total benefit on missile damage for 120% (4 x 30%)...
  18. UncleJimm

    We would like your feedback!

    An addition to this, can you @Chase - FTX Games give/show the reinforce button when you stay on map screen, so we don't need to go back home, just to reinforce our squad.
  19. UncleJimm

    Sapper contracts

    I think i had it once from rare chest event. It was three star Sapper, but don't remember getting any of his contracts, so far.
  20. UncleJimm

    I can't use a portable radar in bounty hunt

    it happens to me too.