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    Is the event really worth playing?

    You PROStata Player!
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    AUSTRALIA'S #1 CARTEL (CARTEL DE OZ) Is looking for strong active players!!!

    No Deploy-Players only! Only STACKED Players...
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    LMFAO............. I had almost the same in my mind ...
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    Are you tired of Pointless suggestions and attachments of Mike Morono?

    Hermanos, Mike HELPED getting UNstacked cheaters ( 40% X4 AbiliTY = TALENT GDef) to GOLD _ Generat0rs v.1.521 update.apk . L33ch or DIE before 4x DIEGO FULL-unSTACKED --> CODE "no DEPLOY on port: 1443 <<--
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    Since when is finca a defence building?

    How much Gold do one get for 1 k Messages? ^^ :D
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    Since when is finca a defence building?

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    I have Ground defense 3,but it looks 1-2.

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    Darwins Reward Nerfed

    He used #PURLPE-RAiN-Glitch to get UNSTACKED SICARIO Team. Also using Noob (= no OB) during Aunt Irma also makes Sicarios appear PurPLE. (Compare "Prince" aka ?!Symbol-Talent boost) !! anti.BOT: Deploy the Unemployed to get away from Bahnhofzoo (TroopCamp) = CLS Input a$ If a$ = "STACKED"...
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    Darwins Reward Nerfed

    NO DEPLOY-Stack got legit using TALENTS-NeRf-Generator protection Units. -> Compare >>She-ra vs. RPG soldiers<< TYPE: Load "unstacked" ,8,1 for SiCARIO SUPER-Talents GLiTCH Poke.
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    Darwins Reward Nerfed

    Great!! Thanks for letting me know that it worked. Did not think of "20 GOTO 10" , but that did the trick. Please joing us on mIRC: #ONLINE GENERAT0r_h4xx0r
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    Darwins Reward Nerfed

    50% FB ... damaged STACKED!!! only hermano. Talents of FURY 50% - from DUSK till DIEGO -->> nerfed. RESET protection SYSTEM LOAD "$", 8 Loading Searching ONLINE GENERAT0r Ready.. RUN
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    Saving the resources required for large upgrades

    Du langweilst mich mittlerweile, Alter!
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    Any use for shock wave.

    Du langweilst mich
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    Sicario+Troop Setup

    @Chase - FTX Games and FTX Crew: Please do create a way that one can Setup Sicario+Troop Scenes. So that one can easily choose between Teams for example Team A (Sic A+B+C+D + Flacos) or Team B (Sic E+F+G+H + RPG+Gordos). This would make it very easy to select a Team according to the battle...
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    Where to get that sic? CALAVERA

    Ok thx
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    Where to get that sic? CALAVERA

    Where do i get that sic and what are her stats?
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    Cant add sicarios to my base.

    There are no unlockable doors.There are no unwinable wars.There are no unrightable wrongs.Or unsignable Songs.There are no unbeatable Odds.There are no believable gods.There are no unnameable names.Shall I say it again, yeah.There are no impossible dreams.There are no invisible seams.Each night...
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    Base sicario

    Maybe I didn't treat you. Quite as good as I should have.Maybe I didn't love you. Quite as often as I could have. Little things I should have said and done. I just never took the time. You were always on my mind.
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    Base sicario

    Ain't it funny how some feelings you just can't deny And you can't move on even though you try Ain't it strange when you're feeling things You shouldn't feel Oh, I wish this could be real Ain't it funny how a moment could just change your life And you don't want to face what's wrong or right...