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    Game freezing during attacks

    Ben, Chase or April the Servers are down as the game is now freezing during an attack and entire Squads are being wiped. Please advise when this will be looked into as all attacks cannot be completed. Some form of Compensation should be discussed now for the resources lost...............
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    Pound Sic Skills........Error

    April I am writing to you as we are Discovering that our Pound Sic's with Lvl 4 Skills are now only showing up as Lvl 2 when being viewed by other Members within our Cartel, I would like to think those Skills are now not reduced to only Lvl 2 and that the Lvl 4 Skills are providing everything...
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    Smuggler Challenge and EL Patron Statue

    For those that have completed and Won the Smuggler Challange you only Now advise that you can't have Two El Patron statues on Base..........REALLY Why not reward the Players instead now you have to Destroy 1 Gold statue to replace with another offering Less. Again another Unjust idea towards the...