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    Add joaquin to roulette

    What you wrote is nonsense..
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    Add joaquin to roulette

    I don't want to spend anymore but..please add Neto into the roulette :) --
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    David nonsense no fun :/

    Nothing changed with that generator. No extra attacks are used. Hopeless improvements again
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    Is deploy still possible?

    Just saw a base with 4 Neto's.. finca with 3 million health. Is deploy still possible or just the loser strategy run with Davids?
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    Anybody like the new run to finca wit david/parca? Or is it worse than no deploy

    @Ben - FTX Games what did you do to this game?! Most stupid thing ever..
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    Don Neto Sicario bug or Purpose

    Thats true but not the point.. Don Neto would be enough so no Tower is needed
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    Don Neto Sicario bug or Purpose

    With this sicario nobody needs that tower?!
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    Don Neto Sicario bug or Purpose

    If you compare Neto with Pacho..Neto says all buildings and Pacho all defense..strange..
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    Don Neto Sicario bug or Purpose

    @Ben - FTX Games could you give us the answer?
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    We'll be happy to help you!

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    FTX and scammers...

    Android.. have to wait another 48 hours before they respond
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    FTX and scammers...

    Waiting for days now.. played Vikings
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    Is the roulette rigged?

    Really sick of it! 3 Reapers, 1 bailey, 3x 15.000 xp, few helmets, few GD lvl 3..WTF! What a scam..
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    Finca Level 23...

    Laughing is the best thing to do.. Its just a game..
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    Finca Level 23...

    I don't think its fair to talk like this about me.. I'm the real Crabnutz..
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    Finca 23

    Its a little bit to late.. :( The end of Narcos
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    Fyber Sacked!

    Great so far! Thanks
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    When will the Finca level be increased?

    Horrible update, should have been months ago! Without the BB and GD!..7x GD extra weapons etc..curious *** people will attack now
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    Releasing Anti Flashbang sicario

    Thats the beauty of the game..