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    Thank you all , but im out

    After maximizing my account and paying great deal of money for new sics and gold you (ftx) finally brought a game changer that takes most players invesments to the drain. Forta should of come few month ago when we told you she is what we need , and not at this stage of game evolution after the...
  2. H

    The main problem in this game is us...

    Once upon a time not that far from nowadays there was a nice game to play. Players cooperated with game planers in perfect a harmony. One day a player started Crying and whining about a character in game that causes a massive damage and helps players to destroy the rivals finca too easily...
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    Cartel war - small question

    We are a 10 members cartel. Each time we find rivals which have more then 10 members, the number of sicario's defend the cartel finca is higher then the number of players participate the war. So , when we can defend with max 10 sics ...other cartels defend with 12,13 even 15. Is it ok and part...
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    Outpost too high again and again

    It's the XXX time im adressing you with that bs problem. I was lvl 40 and got after update outposts lvl 54. Now again an update and it goes again ...im 42 and all im getting on my map are 48-54. You said +/- 3 levels outpost......so whats seems to be the problem???? Im tired of writing you here...
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    Unable to attack in cartel war

    I am a high level player , wanted to attack 3 low level players last 10 minutes of a cartel war and bring the victory to my cartel. It's within the time we are allowed to attack....so why is the game decide for me if there is time or there isnt enough if the clock didnt get to his final second?
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    A new cartel

    So we got to lvl 5 and the orders were "get gold by joining a cartel"........so we joined. We got the gold ...we found some new friends there but we were only 6 from 45 while the rest became zombies accounts including the capo. When a capo is a zombie açount the cartel is dead. So we left as...