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  1. dsounded

    Kombat Fields is looking to merge and form a super cartel

    @Vinnie Di Maggio we use telegram internally, nickname same as here
  2. dsounded

    Kombat Fields is looking to merge and form a super cartel

    Hello, are you considering Ukraine ? I guess currently we have plenty of places. Could you shortlist your active players with the ranks ? The main idea is - we are only one cartel mostly of 53- lvl in top 20 :).
  3. dsounded

    GOod sicarios for attack

    Diego is more than 2 years old meta. I would rather force 3 la quicas + Rosa/Alan - it depends on your personal level and many other factors
  4. dsounded

    I don’t want The shield In the bases

    They will never listen to the community, your message is just pointless...
  5. dsounded

    New update

    Maybe something new with the league system ? You guys(admin stuff) asked me to wait(system will balance itself blah blah blah) half a year ago. And this weak I am going even to lower division. All the competitors are 53+ while I am lower. You asked, I waited, but just in case - your algorithm...
  6. dsounded

    Don Neto in offer BOXES

    I like the way you partially reply to users calls.
  7. dsounded

    Don Neto in offer BOXES

    This is just a beginning...
  8. dsounded

    Don Neto in offer BOXES

    Jesus, this such an overkill. Spenders will have sort of 5 Netos which will dramatically change(ruin) the game. I could have predicted anything but this. Looks more like final robbery of spenders before this game will shot down totally.
  9. dsounded

    Player Feedback Opportunity: Sicario Talents

    My friend how does this relate to the way league system works ? PS gl next war
  10. dsounded

    Player Feedback Opportunity: Sicario Talents

    Unfortunately new week hasn't fixed my league chances, its kinda 6 or more weeks without any chance to get to top 5. Even more sad fact that this week there are more 61+ and 53+ than the last one
  11. dsounded

    Smuggler and El Patron statue

    Someone forgot to change "object_id" while copy pasting the code, sometimes I think that there are only Junior devs working at Ftx ))
  12. dsounded

    Good news about David/ Parca ?

    Any news about fixing them are great ) but this process will take 3+ months
  13. dsounded

    Player Feedback Opportunity: Sicario Talents

    It will be better to have an ability to upgrade any level skill, eg from lvl 2 to 3, then to 4 etc. For some smaller amount of tokens
  14. dsounded

    David nonsense no fun :/

    @April - FTX Games @Ben - FTX Games just tell the developers to create new sicario which will reduce Fuego damage to the Finca. We already have such a sicario for Flacos. Everybody will be happy: you - because you will have money by selling it, players - because one day it will be available in...
  15. dsounded

    David nonsense no fun :/

    I also understand that this is not a good user experience, still this game has so many bugs and badly designed solutions, so I can only wish you good luck guys, since staff won't help you in any way imho.
  16. dsounded

    iOS Offerwall Reinstated

    No, it doesn't work
  17. dsounded

    New rank leagues

    Another rude boy ? You'd better spend some more time playing the game Mr. 61 lvl 400 points in the league with this new rank :(:(:(
  18. dsounded

    New rank leagues

    Learn to be polite, please. It's not okay to lose 1k+ gold while they're gathering info. Actually they don't, they just suggest to wait for the system to make 60+ out of my league, meanwhile i'm losing more and more.
  19. dsounded

    New rank leagues

    They should but they won't
  20. dsounded

    New ranks system

    @Ben - FTX Games @April - FTX Games can I have your attention please ?