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  1. I2el3ell

    Vip sIcarios

    Well Ben, closed the other topic so yeah. No ones giving infos, money spend no bonuses nice thing
  2. I2el3ell

    VIP Memembership

    Same problem, no more bonus active. Money was payed. I hope this problem will be solved fast!! And well get the gold for the lost days back that it takes to fix this!!!
  3. I2el3ell

    This game is dead good job FTX

    Don't worry new game with new money income is out soon. Breaking Bad, where they didn't even bother using new characters
  4. I2el3ell

    Don Neto Sicario bug or Purpose

    Also new additional skill means swapping talents more often. :) Well how to earn money with a balanced game. That's why this one comes. 2 mio. Hp finca incoming.
  5. I2el3ell

    3 or more Maeve in defense + Warden Tower - Untouchable Base

    So Players complaining now about not finishing the map in 5 minutes :D
  6. I2el3ell

    Thank you

    +1 Game is finally enjoyable
  7. I2el3ell

    Game Update - December 2018

    Nope or when it comes it will be bugged. It was asked about in April 2017, so don't get to excited..
  8. I2el3ell

    Happy new year

    I've waited a bit to see if ftx cares enough about its community, doesn't seems so. Also those so called forum administrators don't. so HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE STILL PLAYING I hope that the community goes on this year making still their own wars how they should be because it doesn't seem...
  9. I2el3ell

    Silence is gold-en

    Im surely allowed to ask you @Ben - FTX Games do you Play the Game? Or are you just another guy like the ones from the support that never even looked into the game
  10. I2el3ell

    Awesome update 10 sic

    Ill second crabnutz with what he said. @Ben - FTX Games
  11. I2el3ell

    new challenge

    Guys what's wrong with you.. didn't you notice game isn't worth it. There's a huge amount of players that left 1 year ago. Now with this update there are even more gone. Even the forum isn't looked after anymore(bots posting crap). Ftx is just milking this Game to the finest. I really don't...
  12. I2el3ell


    Next request Will Be anti flashbang sic :-) Game Will Be unplayable. Most of Those guys that used nd just used it because it didnt took that much time to clean the map. :cool:
  13. I2el3ell

    Roullete Event - April 2018

    2,7k Gold invest. It's possible, but they surely made it harder than before.. Last event I have spend about 9k gold and received about 19k. And a lot of other stuff
  14. I2el3ell

    We would like some update!

    Thank you for your response, that was needed in my view!
  15. I2el3ell

    We would like some update!

    Hello @Chase - FTX Games It has been 4 months you asked us for some ideas to implement and to fix, so I would request some news on your post. What did you implement until now? As far as I can see: -forta rak nd fix -2 guerillla buildings - elite event - that spion Event If I forgot...
  16. I2el3ell

    We would like your feedback!

    After all some new suggestions that i didn't read anywhere. Make the black market like it should be: Open the market for cartel members so they can exchange stuff like plata or crafting stuff. There could be a lot of more possibilities.. like contracts and co..
  17. I2el3ell

    Gold Truck

    Yeah saw that offer when I started my second account. The old guys always get screwed, just live with it
  18. I2el3ell


    There was an statement from chase where he told, that those kinda events wont happen anytime soon. Understandable, only easy way to earn money..
  19. I2el3ell

    Elite Raid Event

    Super event at all, nice resources!!! +1 But please if you give as a super sicario box... don't Put Gustavo in! Should I keep him just because it's blue? :D
  20. I2el3ell

    New Elite raid event

    Would be nice if you could post a screen :D thank you