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  1. ElCapiton

    Thank you

    The game is officially dead. For everyone past level 61. Awesome work FTX. Your development team and the creative people behind the scenes have done a great job at destroying a good thing with the new introduction of this warden tower. Well done I’ve said before to myself however this time...
  2. ElCapiton

    Throw some dice our way and raids!!!

    Is it just me or has the game shut it’s doors on giving some dice away?! Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind buying stuff but compounding this with their extortion on the cost of buying it to me seems a little tight and greedy. Be fair and reasonable is all I’m saying.
  3. ElCapiton

    Serious players / cartel merge

    Australian Horde is looking for serious active players to join our cartel and or a cartel that’s looking to merge over with us to further strengthen your playing experience. We are a top ranked cartel in the Australian region and well established with lots of cartel bonuses. - Level 53...
  4. ElCapiton

    AUSTRALIAN HORDÉ - looking for solid active players

    Hi everyone, Australian Hordé are looking for solid active players to help further build the cartel and be active in wars. We are currently ranked #2 regional Australia and progressing forward nicely. We offer generous rewards and perks and have a solid base of players which we would like to...
  5. ElCapiton

    FORTA - New Sicario 10% or 20% reduction?

    With this new sicario, which clearly states missiles only, states in the message a 10% reduction, however looking at her through the chest it says 20%?
  6. ElCapiton

    Suggestion to upgrade Finca past Level 22

    May I suggest @Chase - FTX Games that upgrading the fincas relative to players levels be re-introduced? If I can recall correctly, some time ago, most likely a year or more, the game had the same issue when fincas were capped at level 20. I experienced this issue and was happy with the...