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ACK Kappa

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and time after time the Match ups are so way off putting a Cartel with a Rating of 30K against a Cartel on a rating of 115K is Uncalled for. Bounty Hunt should be purley focused towards Cartel rating and if match ups Occur out of the Thousands of Cartel there must be make it fairer for all..
@Ben - FTX Games @April - FTX Games is there some way to see how much resources is needed to level up buildings(finca,capos,storages) in cp? without copyninja website is much harder to plan build in cp
@copyninja why don’t you put the site back up? FTX said you can. Or just share the data if the site maintenence cost is a factor. A bunch of players used your site to plan upgrades. Come on man, be a pal.