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FTX NEEDS TO FIX multiple things

Harley quinn

New Member
Aug 1, 2019
You are already spending coins to have a shield, you should be able to attack other players without losing your shield, thats just DUMB.

the game barely gives you any CPU chempounds , and switch target doesnt garruntee a CPU chempound

so if you run out of CPU chempounds, your stuck with the lab , and we all know at high levels like I'm at theres no chance to do any upgrading when your stuck with pretty much just the lab to get you resources, so I guess thats to trick us into giving up and losing the shield we purchased to go back to attacking Players

FTX developers know all this WHY do we have to complain complain complain to get minor details fixed, which dont even stay fixed, like sending all of us IMPOSSIBLE to defeat player chempounds that are 5 levels higher and theyre level 20 with just about everythings health maxed so theres no way to beat them.

ftx needs to fix the following in my opinion:

1. Stop with the whole "defender losing way more resources than the attacker gains" thing .

2. If we purchase shields, we should be able to attack EVERYONE

3. the game needs to send us more CPU chempounds especially during car wash

4. they need to add more of the items used for upgrading specialists in the car wash event , weve all got 200 matches and 30 teddy bears, we need more of a chance for the white hat, heisenburg hat, duffle bag, gold chain etc

5. TONE DOWN the darn PLAYER CHEMPOUNDS that show up on our maps , nobody can beat players chempounds 5 levels higher , FTX fixed this months ago but then they UN FIXED IT. I am a level 16 headquarters with everything maxed I HAVE NO CHANCE against a level 20 player chempound, I cant even get 2 inches up the map without being destroyed. level 16s should never be matched against level 20s.

6. FTX makes money on us watching ads, so why not at least make SWITCH TARGET all day?

7. Please get around to putting those newer characters in a special event and/or gold phone openings

8. Similar games have "crafting" for example something along the lines of " 5 book of matches , plus 5 aprons can be crafted into one Teddy Bear"

9. Talents is still greyed out, Turf Wars still locked, Gifts still locked, The Airplane Button still locked, and that Syndicates thing everyone wants

thanks for reading, please pass this along to the developers , this are things we COMPLAIN ABOUT IN THE CHAT DAILY AND LOUDLY.
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Apr 28, 2019
Great post @Harley quinn
Unfortunately the game is a bit of a flop for FTX so until the numbers pick up almost nothing on your list will be implemented. Your point no. 9 to me is the most important, most of which was promised at (or soon after) launch. The irony is the longer they wait for it to be worth implementing the rest of the game, the more the player numbers are declining.

Enjoy playing whilst it lasts!


New Member
Jun 30, 2020
Gonna bump this again. All of those features Harley mentioned above is what got people motivated to play BB, and some of us to spend way more money than we would have, and otherwise wouldn't have because those features never made it into the game. The game and player experience has suffered due to neglect by dev's, not because of interest.