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April - FTX Games

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The Walking Dead: Casino Slots is joining the effort to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 by supporting Play Apart Together! This is a gaming industry effort created to encourage gamers of all kinds to practice the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Physical Distancing suggestion. If we all do our part and stay home, we’ll help protect those who are susceptible to COVID-19. Click the following link to find more information regarding COVID-19 from the WHO.

We will be providing a boon of free coins to all of our players. Please keep an eye on this page for your coin link! Thank you very much for playing our game, and for doing your part in order to stop the spread of COVID-19.

EDIT: Please click HERE on your mobile device to claim your free Coins in-game! We have also shared this link on our Facebook and Twitter if that is easier for you to access.
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April - FTX Games

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Hello Jdivine,

Here are a few ways to get more credits (outside of purchasing):
- Inside the store, a daily gift can be found.
- Once you have some Fuel, Supply Runs will provide you with a chance at a lot of credits.
- Notification Bonuses will pop up on your mobile device and when clicked will award credits.
- We've also added the ability to sign up via email that will keep you in the loop of new and exciting features in the coming updates. (You'll also get some extra credits!)
- Follow us on Facebook or Twitter as there are sure to be credits given over social.

Thank you for playing!