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Gil scott heron

New Member
Jun 23, 2019
Can u pls tell us when the talenting of specialists is possible? Also wanna know how come u put this beta version of game on market? ...renting a builder?? ...2 few specialists? No syndicates...we know the game was tested almost a year ago in russian market, what is the plan? Gonna release the whole game soon or..? Not to comment on map player lvls situation, u know it all. No shield also..i have tons of q

April - FTX Games

Staff member
Apr 1, 2019
Hello @Gil scott heron, we do not have a set release date for Specialists' Talents or Syndicates just yet. If you keep an eye on the "News" menu in-game you'll be kept up to date on any new additions as they release.

Also, the version that is released right now is the full version of Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements. We will be adding more to the game over time.

If you'd like to speak to our support team with any further questions you're more than welcome to send them a support ticket from within the game by choosing "Report an issue" in the Settings menu. You may also email us at brba@ftxgames.com.