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Walter white Offer $69 V $99 V $169


New Member
Jul 17, 2019
@Gargamel We have some temporary testing going on with Walter White's offer package.
Testing!? I would have gotten it for the $69 but $99 is just way too much for a mobile game. Console games aren't evan that much, will you offer it again for $69. There's only one day left. I love the game but these packs are so much. Please lower it for the last day, I bet alot of people will get it including me, I know some people got it for 69 and I would feel cheated if I had to pay 99 when it was 69. Thank you for the reply (Gargamel)


Apr 28, 2019
Testing of what? How much each price will bring ftx?
Do you realize you are playing with players money?
I still think you are a bunch of criminallittle children.
You all should be in jail!
I have come to this conclusion over the months of playing this and Narcos. I cant believe @April - FTX Games actually just admitted to effectively extortion of players hard earned money. They are clearly ‘testing’ what the gross revenue to FTX is at various price points and now I’ve realised this is am seriously considering deleting my account.