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Recent content by Anonymous

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    Game wont load!!

    error 3gs. This is on my 2 accounts on different devices with full 4g And Wi-Fi working. It's happening in Australia on a few of our members accounts. Please fix asap as we are in a war!
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    Good news about David/ Parca ?

    My 1st account is lvl 68. Without David's it's near impossible to generate game cash. This seems it will make it totally impossible to generate cash. Do you want use to use gold for loading squads for wars. More rubbish FTX looks like I'll be quitting enough is enough
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    Crazy Attacks! Smoke+Feugos+Torchers & Few Sicarios!

    This has been around for a long time
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    You almost got the new upgrade right..

    I can't see anyone insulting them. Paying customers do have a say where I come from though..
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    Best update in 2 years

    Yeh righto down and durty.. Loading your David's with IP and running for finca. Pfft where's the skill in that. Totally unbalanced update
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    You almost got the new upgrade right..

    Krafty, if you've got no useful ideas for better balancing, please don't comment. You're the one trolling here. I started this thread to see if any other players had any ideas and that maybe ftx would listen.
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    You almost got the new upgrade right..

    Could we also get some new abilities at new helipad lvl??
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    You almost got the new upgrade right..

    The towers being defeated, but the rewards there aren't worth it.
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    You almost got the new upgrade right..

    Im enjoying the game more but it's unbalanced. Could you not add extra sic lvls past purple? Black star maybe.. You could you have released higher squad camp upgrades... And up the cash reward from bases.. Simple things in my opinion
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    New Update

    I'll b 100% going to play store with this
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    Thank you

    100% agree! All lvls should have tower also. Why do the lower lvls getting it so much easier than experienced players? @Chase
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    Slot trades

    It's not random bud, just like talents and the roulette wheel all a fixed up scam
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    Roulette experiment, failed miserably.

    Yeah bud, It's randomly fixed to give you absolute --!
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    Anti Firebomb sicario

    Been asking for this since fora was introduced. Still nothing!!