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  • Z
    The new shield generator AND the warden tower helps a little bit in compound. no more finca rush ;) BUT you MUST bring it to all player...
  • R
    I can see it being very useful on bases. But compounds are a completely different style of attack so its going to be difficult to get an...
  • M
    Mark replied to the thread Videos.
    The problem is not the WiFi connection but ftx is you say contact us whit the support ticket and then you just laugh at iT
  • April - FTX Games
    April - FTX Games replied to the thread Videos.
    Hello @Lost_gravity and @Ralph Kramden, my apologies for any trouble you've experienced. Sometimes videos can be interrupted due to a...
  • April - FTX Games
    Hi @Croockshanck, the last point that you made there is by design, so that players can be kept aware that their storage is full. As for...
  • April - FTX Games
    Hello @YKa! A system exists that if any player has been logged in and playing for five hours (non-consecutive) over a 24 hour period...
  • April - FTX Games
    @Ralph Kramden , the Shield Generator will be added to Bases in the future. We have only implemented it in Compounds first to gather...
  • April - FTX Games
    Hi @DDRR , our apologies, we do our best to get updates out as quickly as possible for both platforms. Once we go into a more regular...
  • April - FTX Games
    April - FTX Games replied to the thread INSTRUCTIONS?.
    Hi @Blurrymurray73 ! That's a very good question. Specialists in the lab do not help defend the Base. Only those that are placed in the...
  • Ismaelmir
    Ismaelmir reacted to April - FTX Games's post in the thread Estatua Contrabandista with Like Like.
    Hi Ismaelmir, I'm glad to hear it. If in the future you have any futher troubles you're always welcome to contact us from within the...
  • DDRR
    DDRR replied to the thread Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements.
    @April - FTX Games 3 days whithout the update for apple? Can not attack anybody or do anything Now Android has it for 3 daYs now.
  • J
    Jueboo reacted to Chase - FTX Games's comment on jordancortneyn's profile post with Like Like.
    We will have a mailing list you can subscribe to, and daily posts on our social channels that will both give free coins soon! We will be...
  • Tampico Sunrise - Shark
    I’m just happy the Shield looks so beaver dam cool. It’s the most dynamic constant animation in this game. We weren’t being rushed by...
  • DDRR
    DDRR replied to the thread Is the new shield gona save narcos?.
    I still think the shield is not going to be a big difference on our Base. If it is not on a compound why should it be on a player base?
  • DDRR
    DDRR reacted to Ralph Kramden's post in the thread Is the new shield gona save narcos? with Like Like.
    The shield needs to be on bases not compounds. Us players fixed the david problem on compounds ourselves. Ftx just playing with us...