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If you're a Breaking Bad fan download the brand new Breaking Bad Criminal Elements game its a great distraction and lots of funbduk is a group of players that have gathered on Discord and Watsapp to share info and advance their games. The best in the UK are here to join the team before Syndicate begins to secure your place details are below. Bduk for Watsapp send a message with your game name to -- or Discor
Waiting for the time when issue 110200 will be fixed.
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April - FTX Games
April - FTX Games
Hello @Trevor560t1, forgive the assumption, but I believe you are talking about Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements? Please choose "Report an issue" when the error message comes up on your device. This will send your game logs to our support team, at which point they can search for the source of the issue.

Thank you very much and my apologies for the trouble you've experienced with the game!