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Recent content by AxScorpio

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    Templates Team

    Any resemblance to reality of the new update is purely coincidental :cool:
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    Lack of Response From Support?

    How much more patience do I have to have? You are hurting me in the game! In support they still do not respond. I have obtained more David contracts in Roulette and I need those, that you have taken from me, to acquire the Sicario.
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    Lack of Response From Support?

    I've also been sending e-mails to support for several days and they don't respond. Before the last update I had David contracts. Now I see that they have disappeared and instead there are duplicate contracts of Sara! Where have my David contracts gone?
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    Lack of Response From Support?

    Tell me something I do not know! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Lack of Response From Support?

    How much does FTX pay you for comments like this? The day they do the same to you, not only will I die of laughter, clown!
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    Lack of Response From Support?

    This is the best joke of the year :D:D:D:D:D Find a solution or solve this: my ticket # 7995743, Your request (#337107) and I believe it !!
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    Offer Wall Down

    Players, the best they can do is not open any Offer-wall and stop playing "Narcos Cartel Wars" definitely. They are scammers !! They always say the same thing "our offerwall partner ..." = And who cares about that? Where does Offer-Wall appear? = In the game "Narcos Cartel Wars". In other words...
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    A way to be offline wIth app open

    @Tampico Sunrise - Shark, they perfectly know what they can do, since they have done it in "Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements". So do not waste your time writing suggestions that fall in a sack and @April - FTX Games is also not able to do anything about it - just read the vast majority of topics...
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    Current Maintenance

    It is neither difficult nor expensive to have the customer satisfied. FTX, take note and learn!!!
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    support service

    What are you talking about? What email? What do you smoke - I want too!
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    support service

    Which issue has been appropriately completed? I still have not received anything - "MY missing coins". And you are not able to solve anything. You only make incordant answers!!!
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    support service

    It's been a month now. It is a very little time to solve my problem?
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    support service

    According to the search engine of Google Play, is the same game. Where is my error? - In the game "Narcos Cartel Wars", as you can see in the screenshots. Regarding this: a pathetic and irresponsible response! These offers appear in the game Narcos Cartel Wars, and the players DO NOT MATTER...
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    support service

    And I also wrote to you, that it is now blocked and I can not. Or you did not read it? Or read what suits you?
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    Life after narcos

    Siempre queda la opcion, de que Todos los jugadores afectados, informen a "Google Play" y "App Store - Apple", para que eliminen el juego de sus listas.