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Recent content by blood79

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    David nonsense no fun :/

    For me you manipulate facts. First it was 38lvls doing 61+ bases, now this players happen to be 100 lvl compounds. Nope, it's not working like that and you know that very well. I was always maximizing my attack and didn't focusing defense at all untill some lvl. Everyone raid my base with ease...
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    David nonsense no fun :/

    10% from 40 attacks is 4 and 40 attacks is single war. So its 10% or maybe 1%? :eek: 30lvl or 38lvl or maybe even bit higher? I'm asking because we making it every post lower and everyone here knows every 3 lvls up you are stronger and stronger so it's matter. Anyway, we are different here. For...
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    David nonsense no fun :/

    How many attacks overall was in this past weeks wars where that 4 attacks occurs? I know, u wont accept any attack like this, even if finca was placed in front ;) Never mind, I'll be happy to see that attacks and scout that bases and know that cartels bonuses. Probably wont happen, so this...
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    David nonsense no fun :/

    Don't get what? That only high lvl should protect you against so low lvl players? Nope, it's not work like this, you need put some effort in building defense. I know Davids are cancer but considering all this changes more things are cancer in this game and all it works like I said. Boost this...
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    David nonsense no fun :/

    Everyone cry how it's possible that 38lvl destroy 61+ but anyone can tell me how good was defense of that 61+ players? I'm pretty sure it was very bad because it's not so common like you trying to present for everyone that 38 lvl destroys so hing player bases. Most of time they will lose like...
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    AI base levels are getting ridiculous

    I was attacking players as well as AI outposts and still my outpost level raises like these guys. And I'm the player who barely use the "find other" function and clear full map. Probably it's problem that even when you clear full map you do it faster with outposts than players and new outposts...
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    Upgrading sicarios, suggestion for developers

    @Psicotico, look at AxScorpio attachment, it's great solution to manage your troops.