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Recent content by Croockshanck

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    Sicario don neto.

    they do not know how to code to make impossible add 2 at the same time, at this time if they add another sicario with those talents it will be a mess, all the ppl that already have one will be impossible to attack.
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    i think they can help defending the base, because they attack @Blurrymurray73 Any Specialist can be used in the chempound to help the defense but if he is a lab specialist his ability will not work.
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    I have problem with location (regional)

    @April - FTX Games revenges are working, but only 3 per day, and with the updates being 1st in android and after 3 days to ios we can not make all the revenges, its not fair. for the period time online it is fine the 1 hour vulnerable after 5 hours. It is bad to be online without any...
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    Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

    Our patience is appreciated?? we want your patience and give something to the ios players, the ios players lost a lot without the update at the same time android users have. we can not complete the weekly event if we have a mission to attack 2 or 3 players becuase we can't, we can not upgrade...
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    I have problem with location (regional)

    @April - FTX Games i sended the ticket a few days ago. all the players have this problem. Do the dev team have someone inside playing the game to see the bugs or issues? The game have a lot of issues. - Ranking does not update - revenges are not working anymore - even if a player is online he...
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    I have problem with location (regional)

    This is a problem for all the players. The regional and probably the global ranking does not update. only update the player trophies not the other players, at some time all the players can see themselfs in first. A friend told me that if i delete the game and install it again it will show the...
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    Nightmare Raid

    Ye difficulty is not the problem, I already finish it, the problem is the way they give the prizes, hero tokens need to be prized by accomplishing some parts of the event, like I said, the prizes all the players win after 60 points, 130 points, ... 550 points (milestone rewards) (event...
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    Nightmare Raid

    Another unfair event. This should be an event to win those new things after you get some score, instead of material to rank-up sicarios they should give honor tokens and after that the players can win more with the new attacks in the next outposts, if a player want to have some advantage and...
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    Unable to destroy Finca with Torchers.

    I have the same problem, not only finca but at the start of my attack, torchers, sicarios, rhino and the other troops not making damage, can not move.
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    Don Neto in the Roulette

    All the sicario need to appear somewhere free after some time. Parka, David, Don neto and others because this is a free to play game, all can have some advantage buying them for a period of time, with those sicarios they can evolve quickly when the other players have to wait. Sicario events with...
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    Easy my friend, buy buy and buy and at one moment ftx will come with an advertise saying that it was an error and using 1 or 3 David will be the same
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    New tower code error (cuts the flashbang)

    Donatas really? Bigbang works? Yeah sure, in buildings away of the tower range. If you flash 1 rl, one cannon, one machine gun and one piercing cannon. You want to clear the rl and the piercing cannon with firebomb but the tower removes the flash in rl first and then the piercing cannon, when...
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    New tower code error (cuts the flashbang)

    War facts -> 3 attacks, most powerfull troops torchers, 4 squads of 3 torchers each = 12 torchers @ 105000 each = 1260000 each attack so we spend 3780000 for a war and we receive 1 million or something like as final war reward. Until now it was ok, or more or less ok, but now how can we do it? i...
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    New tower code error (cuts the flashbang)

    didn't see removing flashbang. so it is this? what should we do with the 20% flashbang talents in our sicarios? what should we do with widow, alan and flare, burn them? now i want the gold that i spend on those talents, i want dices for the slots that i change to put bigbang, because bigbang...
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    New tower code error (cuts the flashbang)

    ftx have in the new tower description ”stop stun effect” or something like that, not stop flashbang or cut bigbang effect. Are you joking???? Players buying flare, Alan, widow for what? Putting flashbang talents in rosa, laquica, and whatever for what? This is a big joke ftx, upgrading finca is...