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Recent content by El Padrino

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    Error after building El Padrino Statue

    I have sent an support ticket from the error notification.
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    Error after building El Padrino Statue

    A few seconds after building the El Padrino statue, the game crashes. Restart and the statue is not on your base, need to claim and build again and game just crashes again! @Ben - FTX Games @Chase - FTX Games @April - FTX Games
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    New Feature - Sicario Sorting

    @Ben - FTX Games any chance you can make it that a sic can have more than one flag?
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    New Feature - Sicario Sorting

    Still upgrading Diego....probably best that you surrender!
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    New Feature - Sicario Sorting

    Hey KFC. What are you secret 11 herbs and spices?
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    New Feature - Sicario Sorting

    Players have been asking for an update like this for a long time. I congratulate FTX on finally trying to improve game play without it involving spending gold. I think most good players have worked out a way to combat the warden tower.....keep practicing, you will get there. There are also...
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    New Feature - Sicario Sorting

    When is this new feature available?
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    War map - not showing opponents points

    @Ben - FTX Games Since the update, the war map of our opponents is not showing the available points left for each player. Any other players having this issue?
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    Are you kidding me ?

    @Ben - FTX Games should we expect anything useful from this update or is it the usual waste of time?
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    Unable to destroy Finca with Torchers.

    Thought I had the same issue but, def not after a closer look.
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    Must Read: Solution For Warden Tower

    Yeh I agree. What they are likely to do is create another problem trying to fix this problem.
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    Must Read: Solution For Warden Tower

    If you don't get a sic with an extra base, you might as well just further increase the size of the squad camps to achieve what you suggested. In my mind there are only two solutions to this, you allow the warden tower to be flashed or you just take it away. Replace it with an extra sic if you...
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    Well done update with tower.

    The Warden Tower might remain in the game, but a lot a long term players wont! Any updates you make are never really an improvement, just a way to try make more money. How about you start to improve some of the things players have been wanting for a long time! The latest update provides no...
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    Warden Tower !

    Both of these posts are so wrong. The warden tower is a disincentive to advance. My advice to all players below level 57/58 is don’t advance beyond here. Everyone who is up against the warden tower is going to quit. You have upgraded the Finca health and given another defense sic. If you...
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    New tower code error (cuts the flashbang)

    Not just gold on attack wasted. What is the point of Miguel, Forta and talents for reducing missile and firebomb to finca. Warden tower pretty much means we dont need any of that anymore. Load your base up with health talents and no attack is ever going to take your warden tower without...