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Recent content by Elfrassking19

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    Join A Growing Team

    Wanna Learn The Game Come Join Boss of Bosses we will teach you we War Back to Back check out the Picture
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    Cartel looking to merge ??

    Boss Of Bosses is Looking for New Members Is your Cartel is Dead or in Active Join Here check out the pic
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    Boss of Bosses is Recruiting

    Was good U active and like to play look my cartel up
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    Boss of Bosses is Recruiting

    Boss of Bosses is Looking For Fun Active Players Who Love to War Grow And Learn and Love to Compete Join Up All Levels Welcome I Have an Lt Spot Open If You wanna Leave Your Cartel and Join An Up and Coming One JOIN NOW!
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    War Oppent Configuration

    Please Tell Me How My Cartel Matches Up to Our Opponent Clearly we Lost Already. Please Figure Out Your Configurations.