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Recent content by ELpatron50

  1. ELpatron50

    Building removal??? Yes or no

    What level 70 sicario max level and rank ?
  2. ELpatron50

    Smuggler Challenge farming for more products

    Smuggler Challenge farming for more products
  3. ELpatron50


    Never heard of Pavo turkey boy , as of now i use Toxicos with Gordos , I only have Serena Xmas increasing my squad damage by 18% .
  4. ELpatron50

    This Ability does not stack

    Benefits from " this ability " does NOT stack further using several Sicarios with " this ability " benefit will be capped (does not stack) offensive or defensive abilities. Is this true for all talents or abilities can the pros explain to us what it means ?
  5. ELpatron50

    Some questions

    What once Sicario contracts are available for the BOX or as prize pool in the raid events ; must be impossible to farm this Sicario contracts then? Besides Sic contracts are rare in the map , materials, dices, skills or talents also.
  6. ELpatron50

    So what am i supposed to do now?

    How about the ongoing events = ·HUNT HALLOWEEN SICARIOS ELITE RAID or the SICARIO CHALLENGE ?
  7. ELpatron50

    So what am i supposed to do now?

    Were you top 3 in the Smugglers Challenge October 21 cos I never saw you win? Thug Mafia Family 3rd place DANES 2nd place Me 1st place
  8. ELpatron50

    So what am i supposed to do now?

    First you gotta beat the multi-stage Smuggler Run before you can proceed to the next phase that is the Challengers Club.
  9. ELpatron50

    New weapons

    The recent update :eek: did the team do good by the Quality of life improvements we were so excited about? The latest Nightmare raid event just after I won the Smugglers Challenge is a real nightmare. :rolleyes:;) This raids are all of the recent update? I wish we had better raid events this...
  10. ELpatron50

    So what am i supposed to do now?

    I think you need to wait for the shipment to refresh in order to take part in the SMUGGLERS Run. :eek:o_O A few days before the elite raid event ends the rush for Squad Camp upgrades is heating up.
  11. ELpatron50

    TALENT !!!

    VIOLET Sicarios 6/6 hmmmm ! :eek:o_O
  12. ELpatron50

    TALENT !!!

    5/6 talent where do i bust it boy? can i juz upgrade my 4/6 using honor tokens into 5/6 talents?
  13. ELpatron50

    Converting skills to random new skills

    The workshop is not properly converting skills into useful new skills while i throw the dice it keeps giving me a load of :eek:o_O:mad: . opening Chests doing worst coughing up useless skills at a random probability .Can the Workshop be improve start giving correct good skills to our players.
  14. ELpatron50

    New weapons

    This bases cannot be left at the present game system . No trees can be regrown still we have to wait for the engineered bases or Hog , shield generator or the Sicario Cowboy ?
  15. ELpatron50

    veteran sics

    @Joel Patents or contracts? About the dual skills and talents the , Veteran sicarios possess; are it improbable to obtain necessary 4star sicarios to combine (roulettes, chests) are left to chance.