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Recent content by Facethief1943

  1. Facethief1943

    Shield generator

    I was talking to the guys in my cartel and we were wondering if the admins could think of a way to make batteries slightly easier to accumulate. Thanks
  2. Facethief1943

    June 2nd... glitch

    Yesterday we had allot of issues with persistent glitches. There's a delay of about 1 -3 seconds which in a battle is crucial. Hope it gets fixed. Thanks
  3. Facethief1943

    Hi! I'm new here!

    Run while you can. It's an awesome game but it can add it money wise
  4. Facethief1943

    Attack your own finca

    Just saying it would be cool if you could attack your oven finca. You could get a better idea of what improvements need to be made. That knowledge would be invaluable.
  5. Facethief1943

    Smokescreen tip for newer players

    I have tried dropping smoke directly on defenses and they still attack.
  6. Facethief1943


    I'm in a cartel that sucks. I'm not sure how to even look at other cartels. I know that's how I found this one. Do I have to leave the cartel to search 4 another one? I'm lvl 51 and I put in work. Lemme line what to do. Omertà
  7. Facethief1943

    Smokescreen tip for newer players

    I was the same way. What it does is not allow your troops (only the ones directly masked by it) to recieve damage. At the same time, it won't allow those troops to inflict damage. Let's say you've just deployed and there are defenses you want to avoid. Deploy then put 1 or 2 smoke in the path...
  8. Facethief1943

    Torchers or Fuegos?

    Right now I'm using flacos and rpg's. I want to move toward torchers but I don't know. Any thoughts?
  9. Facethief1943

    Pending Community Suggestions - One Final Reminder before the game is dead

    Don't let those jerks get to you. Most of them are petulant children who are spoiled and have never earned a dime off there own sweat. Speak your mind.
  10. Facethief1943

    FTx WE need this asap

    What is 110200 issue? Can you explain better?
  11. Facethief1943

    Walter white Offer $69 V $99 V $169

  12. Facethief1943

    Smokescreen tip for newer players

    Thanks for that. When I first tried to use smoke I couldn't figure out what good it was. The cool down idea makes sense. I have improved propaganda and smoke works well for flanking defense without getting turn apart
  13. Facethief1943

    Flashbang skill

    Oh I meant "Shock Wave" in that last part. Didn't know the right name. But you did answer my question about "big bang effect" . So does the Shock Wave skill do anything else besides"blind stuff? Seems kinda pointless especially since I usually use missiles before deployment.
  14. Facethief1943

    Flashbang skill

    Oh. Alright. Thanks cool because I just got BB too for a different sicariio and I was kinda wondering what that did besides blind deffensses . Thanks my friend