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Recent content by His lordship

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    Smokescreen tip for newer players

    When I first started, I thought the same. But yes, it really does help a lot when used correctly. The reason Limon is not used by anyone is because the smoke duration is already long enough once you upgrade it. He's just a really rubbish and pointless sicario hehe
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    fix the troop system

    You'd still be wrong though. Propaganda (called adrenaline boost in BB) gives troops more speed and power for a number of seconds. It doesn't direct your troops. Focus (or flare in BB) is what does that. Upgrade your flare/focus and this will make it last longer, allowing you to send troops a...
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    You’re completely wrong. Since last update there’s no limit on daily revenge attacks. And 50% resources from a revenge is still more than losing no resources if you’d done an update.
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    Hi all. I found that it is not connection speed, but instead the age and capacity of the device. On my old iPhone, I could only achieve around 7-8 minutes. After I upgraded to a new device with more free memory, I am completing in 5.30mins. The screens load much quicker. Even at work where we...
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    That could be that the players want you to attack them so that they can get lots of revenge attacks lined up. So, you empty out most resources so you have nothing to lose when raided, then a day later there are lots of revenge attacks, which helps with weekly tournament and also quick way to get...
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    no need to be a ----
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    Maybe a more experienced player will confirm or correct this, but you get fortification boost from researching it in the body shop?
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    Only 4 'payback' attacks each day?

    Ok, thanks. That's a bit rubbish.
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    Only 4 'payback' attacks each day?

    Looking at my defence log, when I see who has attacked me I seem to only have 1 button to watch the replay; no payback button (I know there won't be one if I attacked the other player first). Digging deeper, it looks like the revenge/payback option is available at the start of each new day, but...
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    smuggler challenge

    I got 2 level 15 shipments once the challenge had finished this morning haha
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    use of a shield?

    Thanks for the update April.
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    use of a shield?

    Is there a way to put a shield on that means you don't lose any resources when raided for, e.g. 24hours ? Other games this is possible and I have looked around the Breaking Bad screen but can't see anything. When you start levelling up, it becomes difficult to save the required resources needed...
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    Player Feedback Opportunity: Sicario Talents

    How do you do this please? I've looked around and couldn't see it. Thanks.
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    Player Feedback Opportunity: Sicario Talents

    This is a good idea. But for the time being, yes, this would be helpful April. I wasted 100 tokens upgrading building health by 1% on a defence sicario. I'd wrongly assumed it would be 3% like on attack talents.
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    removing players from bounty hunt

    Question for developers: Is there any reason why capo and right-hands are not able to opt players out of the bounty hunt, like they can for cartel wars? Hugely frustrating when players are away and can't be opted out. It just makes a disadvantage in the matchmaking against other cartels for the...