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Jueboo's latest activity

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    Jueboo reacted to Chase - FTX Games's comment on jordancortneyn's profile post with Like Like.
    We will have a mailing list you can subscribe to, and daily posts on our social channels that will both give free coins soon! We will be...
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    Jueboo reacted to Kyrill's comment on Money0450's profile post with Like Like.
    Yeah how can we get more free coins cause slotomania has like ten × the amount twd does
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    Jueboo reacted to jimmyheintsfield's post in the thread Hi! I'm new here! with Like Like.
    Hi guys! How are you doing. By the way, I'm new here.
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    Jueboo reacted to Tampico Sunrise - Shark's post in the thread Guerilla weapons with Like Like.
    Supposedly Shock 3 does more damage per second but it has less damage per shot. If you’ve unlocked these weapons in your Guerrilla...
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    Jueboo reacted to Dragonlady's post in the thread Emails 4 coins with Like Like.
    I was curious as to why when you finish a tournament on one level why you can not go back and do the tournament at the next level? I...
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    Jueboo reacted to April - FTX Games's post in the thread Emails 4 coins with Like Like.
    Hello @Topher0902! We are currently sending out emails three times per week. The frequency of these emails is subject to change...
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    Jueboo reacted to Topher0902's post in the thread Emails 4 coins with Like Like.
    Hi i wAs wandering how often you send people emails to get more coins? Thank you for when you do!!! Have a good one.