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Recent content by Maniakbn96

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    Skills Chest

    If you buy the lvl4 skill offers, you need some dice that’s right. Lvl 4 needs 4 slots, so on badest case you have to change 3 colours... I changed much and o would say you have to switch 2-3 times in average till you get the colour you need. I calculate with 2,5 So it is 2,5x4x30 225 dice each...
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    Skills Chest

    And the cheapest way to get skill sets, is to buy offers... And of course in events
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    Skills Chest

    That only was my personal thinking and what I heared from other players,why we got compensation. And I know much players who wrote support and complained about it. But you are right the was not „official“ statement why and how the future will be... That’s Ftx, only half descriptions and not no...
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    Skills Chest

    And the compensation was given because of wrong news I think... in forum they wrote of you collect different skills you can pair it to sets... so all bought skill chests to make sure you can directly add set bonus when they release it... no where you could read they are not working as set... but...
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    Skills Chest

    What to say, the skills without setbonus are bs and only there to make sure you buy more chests because of lower chance to get what you want... My opinion...
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    Tournament began with 65 medals less than 1st in ranking!

    It was about the statement „passed along to the devs“ It means if there will be a change, IF, then you have to wait some months... so better buy some „snickers“ was joke because I’m germany we have a tv spot: Snickers, wenns man wieder länger dauert Is in English Snickers when it takes longer
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    BB and GD the stupidity at his best

    I sent maybe one week maybe 2 weeks after skill sets have been released exactly the same to Daria... she past feedback along :D and we will see what or when what happens
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    Black Attack Cartel (German / French / English)

    Ich könnte ja auch nochmal für nobull werbung machen :-)) Ich mag euer Kredo auf jeden Fall!
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    Bring back the boat!!!!!

    Yes it is, and if your storage is full, the boat stays
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    Ok Chase, i want an answer. League matchmaking issues!

    the news are: no changes.
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    New update!

    you can not expect that some guys can follow 3 steps
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    FTX Devs - Post patch notes. Torcher nerf?

    i only saw changes in guerrilla buildings
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    FTX Devs - Post patch notes. Torcher nerf?

    i would everything i write also say in persons face thats not the problem. you spended on torchers and torchers are still exactly the same as before
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    FTX Devs - Post patch notes. Torcher nerf?

    i spent two dollar 30 cent in that upgrades i want them all back and stress devs like crazy with the 5000 thread about the same. because i must make drama like a 12 year old girl who gets period for the first time in life. man man man...