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Recent content by Naptownmark

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    Victory after the clock hits zero

    Why do they keep giving victories during attacks after the clock hits zero, its happened to me twice during wars. I've tried uploading the video using in game settings report issues but it only allows screenshots couldnt find the option to upload video
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    Which skill set is better

    I have 2 ground defense n 3 protective fury. Is suppressive fire better than protective fury, or is ground defense better than both.
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    Guerra de carteis

    Who u play is random so u may never play them again.
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    Losing to much money n resources when raided

    I'm attempting to get 12,000,000 dollars to upgrade fugues but when I use gold tht I've paid for to buy shield I should also be allowed to attack anything n everyone on my map without losing shield. If the shield expires Im open for attackes n when u have 9,000,000 cash everyone wants to attack...
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    New weapons

    How do u think we feel when we pay for gold for sic challenge and use up 10,000 gold getting duplicate stuff all day, so everyone loses.
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    New weapons

    Merge so I can have 1 less weapon I dnt want. Regrow tress to hide weapons n to get extra wood. Just a suggestion, like someone else said newbie mistakes cutting dwn everything n adding buildings n certain weapons was a mistake tht cant be changed.
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    New weapons

    @Apris is it possible to add a feature where we can regrow trees on our base or stack defensive weapons to help reduce weapons tht sum prefer not to use. I wud love to stack flamethrowers n mortors (my least used weapons I dnt care for) n create a flamethrower tht shots flaming mortor or stack...
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    auto-clicker program

    Exactly if he knew he was doing something wrong he would have never posted anything, cut em a break n just let him know not to use the auto clicker
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    Attackers getting win after clock hits zero

    @April - FTX Games During war I was defeated twice after the clock hit zero for at least 1 or 2 secs but the attacker still was able to keep attacking and get the victory after the clock clearly hit ZERO is this something tht can be fixed by ftx. I also have video I wish I could upload here too.
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    Whats the benefits to upgrading cartel port

    Is it a lost cause to upgrade the cartel port. I only use it to go directly to the cartel fica
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    Time for someThing new

    The game has gotten old and boring even Nintendo knows when it's time to give the fans what they want n order to stay Relevant. Update so I can look at cartel members sics to give advise do anything new to bring joy back to this game.
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    Raid event tutorial

    What the previous person said and also equip all diego with flash bang too.
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    Can ftx fix a few bugs

    I really hate it when I destroy a torcher during war but it ends up benefiting the other person when it blows up takes out 1 resource n they win. Also I continue to lose sics after war has ended due to sic being on fire or walking thru landmines when the clock has already hit zero.
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    Review cartel members sics

    Could something be done so cartel members can view each others sics n When trying to help lower level players or create a war game plan its really an inconvenience taking screen shots n having to post em on the Line app just to view their sics n talents for advice is to much of a task tht can be...
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    Status of Subscriptions

    @April - FTX Games Thr rental nature of vip is completely unfair if I invest in upgrading any sic given with vip subscriptions then it's not rite u take away my investment bc I no longer wanna stay subscribed. We shud be allowed to keep any sics given if we spend money with ftx to make the sic...