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Xaiber's latest activity

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    Xaiber replied to the thread These game owners are Scammers.
    Yes it was very disappointing when you play through the entire activity to get the same 4* or 5* card. It requires a huge amount of...
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    They seem to come up more often when you play the timed events but yes it does feel less frequent as compared to when the event first...
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    Xaiber replied to the thread Trading card suggestions.
    Yes, exactly! The rewards in many of these challenges does not give out the appropriate incentives. You would think that when you have...
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    Xaiber posted the thread Trading card suggestions in General.
    The fact that I'm here trying to throw out some suggestions means that I truly love your game but I just want to have a better feeling...
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    Xaiber posted the thread List of cards dont have in General.
    I just want to see more of the hard to find cards (blue or gold) that you're still waiting for. Here's my list of a few just to see if...