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  1. Bogan

    Cartel De Oz

    Cartel De Oz is opening it’s doors to give afew players a chance to join up and help do the final 3 upgrades needed before we unlock the second extra sic. Currently have Finca lvl33 and Capos Club lvl35. We are an Australian based cartel but have lieutenants and other players from USA and Europe.
  2. Bogan

    Cartel De Oz is #1 in the region (Australia) and looking for strong, active players

    Cartel De Oz is looking to add afew more Strong and Active players to our already Active Cartel. We're #1 in the region by a long way and have great Capos Club bonuses. Level 60 Cartel Level 30 Finca Level 32 Capos Club +7 extra energy Extra sicario for your base +2 for each squad camp Flacos...