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cartel wars

  1. IAmHusla3x

    Second siccario in cartel base.

    Q: What level can you contribute a second siccario in cartel base?

    THC Cartel (CRO) is looking for strong and active players

    Our Finca is level 22 and Capos level 23, we are 5th in Croatia. Players from Balkan region have advantage to join us. Please greet other players in chat when you join so you can get further informations. Players under level 40 (If they're not strong) don't participate in wars, but they...
  3. Yeyo ántrax

    Cartel Wars

    HELLO GUYS: Just stepping by to recomend the possibility of searching for wars in not a ramdom mode. Like for example sending a direct request for war to any cartel you want and of course letting the opponent acept or denied the peticion. How woul you guys like it?

    Recruiting players for war!!!

    Greetings, we are recruiting experienced active players to THC Cartel (CRO). 3 attacks and donations are mandatory, we war everyday, also we are 6th in Croatia. Tarantula Right hand
  5. Z

    The same war opponent 3 times in a row now

    Our cartel has been getting the same opponent 3 times in a row and we can't even beat them because they are so much higher level than we guys. This is getting really frustrating. We aren't even attacking anymore.
  6. C

    <+35><spanish cartel> JOIN OUR CARTEL!!! PLATA O PLOMO BARNA

    If you are an active player (+lvl 35) and want to win wars then you can continue reading this post. PLATA O PLOMO BARNA is looking for active players who donates and atacks on wars. We have won 28/33 cartel wars. We chat on spanish and we are friendly people. Join our cartel!!
  7. M

    Feel free to join MAFIA AUSTRALIA all players welcome

    Feel free to join MAFIA AUSTRALIA all players welcome
  8. M

    Because 'Merica is Recruiting! Will Promote Over Night!

    Sick of donating all of your time, money, wood, and effort into a cartel who does not care about you? That stops here! Our new recruits become a part of this team! We recognize those of you who give a **** and want to be a part of this so we will promote you up in the rankings! Move up from...