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  1. Markiepetarkie

    The Coke Sniffers - Best of Belgium - level 37 min rating 500

    Join the best of Belgium 19/20 wars won
  2. Markiepetarkie

    The Coke Sniffers - Elite Cartel - lev37+

    16 members Rating 5151 Wars won 15/16 Level 37+ recruitment Min rating 500 Level 26 Cartel, level finca 15 Capos Club level 15: spoils of war 2/5, Superior fortification 5/5, Bolster defense (extra sicario in home compound) JOIN US, only always participate 3 attacks in war and daily gifts...
  3. Zupax

    The Coke Sniffers - Fresh elite cartel lvl 31+ 9/9 wins

    The Coke Sniffers: 14 members rating 4376 9/9 wars won lvl 33 + recruiting minimum rating 400 lvl 18 cartel, finca lvl 11 The coke sniffers is born out of another cartel, with the most active players of it. We are an elite cartel: this means always do 3 attacks per war with going for certain...