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fake health level

  1. Gargamel

    Ftx=Mines & C4 don't show level

    when I browse threw peoples maps and highlight an explosive to see what level it is, it always shows level 1 for both Mines and C4. One day some one suggested I level up my Mines and I said I have that the game has some sort of glitch not showing proper level of Mines and C4. Can this be...
  2. G

    Sicarios fake health level

    Somebody can explain me how come is posible that my sicario Diego level 50 with 18.200 + 1.820 of health (19.020) can be killed by a cannon level 10 with (only three shots) if it have less than 700 of damage power? isn't it suposed to need 22 shots to kill my sicario? that kind of things...