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  1. B

    Scammers selling cheap gold on Facebook??

    I have seen a post on Facebook of someone claiming to be a "loader of mobile games".....this person claims to sell cheap gold packages and someone has commented saying they've used him and its genuine...wtf surely not. Are these offers real or fake?
  2. Segovia

    Cannot Buy Offers?

    Hello, I have recently decided to create a new alternate account. For some reason, I am not able to buy any offers since then. It has been 2 weeks or longer. Every time I try to buy an offer, it tells me "purchase failed", without even having gone through the payment process. Is this because I...
  3. J

    Fairness in league ranking

    i don't understand why I am level 37 with 700 medals and in silver II. One from my cartel is level 34 with 400 medals and in legue gold I? I don't Get it.... please explain the fairness....
  4. Hbanx

    [Poll] Do you take the new offer if they add it ?

    I think a lot of people have noticed the new offer that ftx offers for new players (daily subscription For gold) They say that they have tried it on a group of Players but there are not a lot of subscribers to this offer If they add this offer will you take it?