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  1. L

    Skullz Gorillas is recruiting active players

    Skullz Gorillas is recruiting active players. Very experienced members are all willing to teach, advise, and help you learn the game. A great group of players dedicated to participating in wars, bounty, chest, and fun banter over cartel chat!
  2. Q

    Canadian Bang!

    Canadian Bang! Spots available Back to back wars Active Players Line App Join now!! New players welcome come grow and learn with us We about to win another war!! Level 42 cartel Bang Bang!
  3. Dannybray88

    Cartel-Strength & Honour (top20uk)

    Welcome, We are 'Strength & honour'! A uk based cartel that want to welcome in decent active members from all over the world (lv35+300+medals) who are prepared to fight and work up the ranks! We are currently in the top20uk and plan to stick around. We have a top mix of very keen guys and girls...

    Recruiting players for war!!!

    Greetings, we are recruiting experienced active players to THC Cartel (CRO). 3 attacks and donations are mandatory, we war everyday, also we are 6th in Croatia. Tarantula Right hand
  5. C

    Need daily players for a new cartel SRS players only please join me to fight hard

    I need as many daily players as I can get please contact me
  6. R


    My name is Rick and my user name is ricdiculus07. I'm leader of Playa Nation on clash royale. I started that clan with 5 members and now its top 200 united states. We also have clan tournaments once a week and its a 2000 gemmer. Me and 10 other people joined the cartel and Made Playa Nation. I'm...
  7. G

    The Future - looking for active members-

    We're looking for active members that's are 48+ The Future is top 20 US (17 at the moment). -We require 3 attacks regardless of matchup -line communication app to be used to coordinate wars. -no drama here, we want to have fun, but also win. Contact line id: greenyellowred24 or dirtysanchez0420
  8. M

    Too Many Capos!!!

    There are yoo many Capos anf not enough soldier's out there. Merge your Cartel with PERROS MELVADOS for a better gaming experience. Being capo is just a title. We run the cartel together. Join today!!!
  9. R

    Cartel Yrmandade

    Recruiting new members
  10. A

    Back in action... Down N Durty

    We are back together... You've heard the name, now join one of the best, most laid back, fun family, in the game. We are here to help you step up your game and have fun in the process. Good leaders, good players... Join DOWN N DURTY!
  11. P

    Jogadores de língua portuguesa

    Ainda estamos no começo, mas se quiseres evoluir connosco, junta-te a nós no LUX CARTEL! Somos dois jogadores de níveis 37 e 40, com alguma experiência no jogo e resolvemos criar o nosso próprio cartel.
  12. C

    players above 40 welcome

    Hello guys we are looking new players with lvl above 40 :) our cartel is 39 lvl and we are very good but we have only 14 members and now we want more players. Welcome Cartel name: SLOVENIJA TEAM
  13. F

    Join a Cartel that's Kicking **** (3.6 Win / Loss Ratio)

    We are the "Australian Cartel" Come join our Highly active cartel, where you will find: Wars are frequent All Members strive for three attacks Strong Wining history Friendly member that actively chat and give advice Decisions based on group votes (every member is important) Search for...
  14. J

    Ranked #2 in Australia Aussie Cartel Kings (ACTIVE MEMBERS ONLY!)

    Aussie Cartel Kings are now actively recruiting new members. Good group of people who are always willing to help out and war alot. We require new members to be very active as we are currently chasing the number 1 rank in Australia. Search "Aussie Cartel Kings" and request to become a recruit
  15. B


    Cartel en reformation On recrute tous joueurs motivés lvl 25 minimum Bonne ambiance pas de prises de tête Venez nous rejoindre ;)
  16. E

    dead savages

    we are looking for some active members to join us. we are a good group wanting to have fun and kick some ***. Try us out
  17. A

    ARTHESS Cartel Recruiting Active Members!

    ARTHESS Cartel is a quite new cartel, expanding very fast and looking for active members. Requirements are to donate daily, participate in wars, join our Line group chat and have fun! Members will be promoted according to their activity and participation. Just search for ARTHESS and click join...
  18. M

    Because 'Merica is Recruiting! Will Promote Over Night!

    Sick of donating all of your time, money, wood, and effort into a cartel who does not care about you? That stops here! Our new recruits become a part of this team! We recognize those of you who give a **** and want to be a part of this so we will promote you up in the rankings! Move up from...