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  1. Davisdalegend

    UK Devil Force

    Looking for new players high level and low level! We have a good core of players who help grow and support players who join us. We are very active for our size and do well in chests and in bounty hunt! Just outside the UK top 20!! Come search and join us
  2. PopiRed

    Cartel Rebuild

    Looking for new players to join USC ( United States cartel) a very active cartel. Just had a major overhaul and we need members. If you like WAR then we are THE cartel to join. Look for PopiRed, Outlawaz, or Popeye.
  3. C

    Need daily players for a new cartel SRS players only please join me to fight hard

    I need as many daily players as I can get please contact me
  4. R


    My name is Rick and my user name is ricdiculus07. I'm leader of Playa Nation on clash royale. I started that clan with 5 members and now its top 200 united states. We also have clan tournaments once a week and its a 2000 gemmer. Me and 10 other people joined the cartel and Made Playa Nation. I'm...
  5. C

    players above 40 welcome

    Hello guys we are looking new players with lvl above 40 :) our cartel is 39 lvl and we are very good but we have only 14 members and now we want more players. Welcome Cartel name: SLOVENIJA TEAM
  6. S

    Belgrade Boys strongest And No 1 cartel in South Europe

    Join The prosperous and successful active cartel to participate in the development and rising of cartel on the global chart . Ambitious active and loyal players are weary well come.Come and see everyone can come and see are we and are you can make things better. . .