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  1. Dannybray88

    Cartel-Strength & Honour (top20uk)

    Welcome, We are 'Strength & honour'! A uk based cartel that want to welcome in decent active members from all over the world (lv35+300+medals) who are prepared to fight and work up the ranks! We are currently in the top20uk and plan to stick around. We have a top mix of very keen guys and girls...
  2. Bogan

    AUSTRALIA'S #1 CARTEL (CARTEL DE OZ) Is looking for strong active players!!!

    CARTEL DE OZ is looking for active and strong players to add to our already impressive cartel. LEVEL 47 Cartel Level 23 Finca Level 25 Capo Club Extra sicario for your base 2 extra squad members per squad + 5 Energy for aerial attacks + 5% Health to all buildings + 20% Health an damage for...