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winning cartel

  1. Q

    Canadian Bang!

    Canadian Bang! Spots available Back to back wars Active Players Line App Join now!! New players welcome come grow and learn with us We about to win another war!! Level 42 cartel Bang Bang!
  2. Markiepetarkie

    The Coke Sniffers - Elite Cartel - lev37+

    16 members Rating 5151 Wars won 15/16 Level 37+ recruitment Min rating 500 Level 26 Cartel, level finca 15 Capos Club level 15: spoils of war 2/5, Superior fortification 5/5, Bolster defense (extra sicario in home compound) JOIN US, only always participate 3 attacks in war and daily gifts...
  3. R


    We're an extremely active cartel looking for active members that are level 30++ we are always in a war and we have almost a perfect record we're on a winning streak right now and we would like you to come join please leave a message below joint thanks!!!! Eric