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Experiencing several glitches have reported have tried possible solutions I'VE BEEN given but nothing has worked


New Member
Aug 30, 2022
I spend A lot of money on this game because I'm disabled and I enjoy the game I don't enjoy losing money and not being reimbursed. I was offered several options to try on my own to resolve these issues and none of them have worked. They sent me a gift basket with 6 billion I told them I was betting 100 million and received 48 free spins then the screen got a darker shade to it and froze I can promise you 48 free spins with quite A few wilds is going to come back probably 60 billion this has happened at least ten times now will smaller bonus spins none the less some were 100 million 20 free spins the game still is not working properly it has at least 3 other bugs as well I uninstalled reinstalled i cleared the cache no help