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New Profile Posts

  1. Bod
    Bod Blackie Narcos
    Blackie are okay mate?
  2. Zarabi
  3. Raul
  4. Reinaldy
    Poner la torre para los niveles bajos así serán las ligas más justas
  5. Jacqueline starr
    Jacqueline starr
    Love this game
  6. Jacqueline starr
  7. David Sanders
  8. H2O
    H2O Chase - FTX Games
    Help me please!!.... accidentally saved one account progress over onto my other account and lost one account!! Is there a way to fix this?!please helpp
  9. Wolfgang Schulz
    Wolfgang Schulz
    Nothing is true, everything is allowed.
  10. Texaz1978
    TWD SLOTS is by far my favorite slots game ever!
  11. Jumpingjack
    Sos no! X wat? & wat does stacking mean could u answer another 1 If win prize in sicario chall leag how long can i leave it b4 collect it
  12. Shower possy
  13. Da Plug X cartel reloaded
    Da Plug X cartel reloaded Jumpingjack
    If you use more then one sic or talent that stacks it'll × it by how many you have. Do you understand?
  14. Da Plug X cartel reloaded
    Da Plug X cartel reloaded
    X cartels reloaded .. if ya can't beat us join us.
  15. Jumpingjack
    Guys excuse my ignorance all new this. What does do not stack and stack mean
  16. El Camborio
    El Camborio
    Ha fallado el juego y me ha sacado de mi cartel. He perdido los ataques de cacería y recompensas.
  17. Fuchox
    El juego me saca del mismo cada vez q me dispongo atacar a un jugador rival todo eso sucede desde q lanzaron la nueva actualización
    1. Ben - FTX Games
      Ben - FTX Games
      Fuchox, I am sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with the game. Please contact us at narcos@ftxgames.com. We would be happy to assist you!
      Jan 22, 2019
  18. Fuchox
    What frustration can not play and see how the developers of the game do not solve the problem since they launched the new update
  19. Egis
    Egis Keenan Poole
    Thanks , i gonna visit u one day . Is that cartel name Ukraine cartel ?
  20. Teallanoelculo
    Teallanoelculo Reinaldy
    Hola porque no vienes ha hacer una visita al cartel spain war
    1. Reinaldy
      Es complicado cuando quiten la torre iré con gusto amigo
      Jan 17, 2019