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Chase - FTX Games
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Nov 16, 2018 at 1:59 PM
Jul 3, 2013
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Chase - FTX Games


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Chase - FTX Games was last seen:
Nov 16, 2018 at 1:59 PM
    1. Pimphand
      Looking for information on new update. November 9th-16th 2018. What's it going to consist of?
    2. Carlos ireland
      Carlos ireland
      Looking for active players to join Irish cartel army we are 5th in Ireland and a good cartel but need more active people lots of capos club bonuses
    3. Abin
      Hi , why there is no raid event this week?
      1. Chase - FTX Games
        Chase - FTX Games
        There will be more soon! The team was off this week.
        Jan 8, 2018
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    4. zecke2
      hi, can you please make a explanation how ftx will fix this stupid no deploy disaster. or will ftx let die the game . why it takes so many month to fix this biggest game fun killing problem. nobody need no deploy .go back to the roots. tactic game is the key word. please give us more information . ty
      1. Chase - FTX Games
        Chase - FTX Games
        We have some counter strategies coming out for this soon. Hang tight!
        Jan 4, 2018
    5. fAvela$
      Bonjour j'ais un problème avec l'entrepôt de falco les bonus ne sont pas activé !!! Jais perdu 1 semaine de jeux veuillez régler le problème svp ou me rembourser mes pièces de raid
      1. Chase - FTX Games
        Chase - FTX Games
        Please send a detailed description of the issues you identified to narcos@ftxgames.com. We'll be happy to help you!
        Jan 2, 2018
    6. Narcooo
      Anyone got answer from Chase regarding the Fyber scam? I sent PM Monday, two days now and nothing happened. No answer from him no answer from Fyber gold still not credited...
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      2. Chase - FTX Games
        Chase - FTX Games
        I'm working on it =).
        Nov 29, 2017
    7. Spilli
      Hello Chase, I have the same problem as others with Lords Mobile. The offer was reach lvl 11 and than receive the gold. I reached lvl 11 and still no gold. I send 3 emails to fyber, but they said. That only new users could participate is this offer. Unfortunately for them as the offer started it wasn't in the description.
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    8. cyberjam34
      I bought the 14000+3000 gold and I was billed around 112 usd but u didn't receive my Gold. Any chance to fix that ??
    9. cyberjam34
      Hi Chase. I made a purchase of Gold yesterday on 3-11-2017 and I was billed for that , but I didnt receive my Gold. Kindly let me know how I can my Gold.i won't dare doing more purchases if I dont receive this one. I have done alot before and all of them succeeded. Only this one I didn't receive it
    10. Markiepetarkie
      Hoi Chase, i can not put my 5th compound sicario... War is starting, need him. Played and paid a lot of gold for his skills!! When Will it be fixed?
    11. NisarIsrar
      We have been trying to search for a cartel war opponent for the past 48 hours and haven’t been successful finding one. Has anybody else got the same problem?
      1. NisarIsrar
        Lol,after 48 hours,just posting this, we finally got war.
        Oct 20, 2017
    12. Monjaranja Dutta
      Monjaranja Dutta
      I lost access to my progress game. My game name is KHU from DAREDEVILS cartel and my level was 44. I reinstalled my game and by mistake i switched the account linked to facebook which generally i donot play. Kindly help me to retrieve my progress game account.
      1. Chase - FTX Games
        Chase - FTX Games
        Please contact our support staff for assistance: narcos@ftxgames.com
        Oct 9, 2017
    13. Mal jones
      Mal jones
      Please can i have my game save progress back. . I'm really devastated. . I've spent a heck of a lot of money and time playing a game i love ... thousands of pounds and about a year ... I've made many new friends and i am absolutely devastated that i can't access my account. .. please help. .. thanks. .
      1. Maniakbn96
        Oct 5, 2017
      2. [<[cr420]>]
        Shouldn’t have exploited ban hammer strong
        Oct 7, 2017
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      3. Chase - FTX Games
        Chase - FTX Games
        Please contact our support staff for assistance: narcos@ftxgames.com
        Oct 9, 2017
    14. zecke2
      i hope you dont forget to tell us the real calculation of the skill sets. especially the ground defense . ASK YOUR DEVS . you say with skills are more tactics and strategy . But without exact calculation its only a gambling disaster.
    15. Audrius simkus
      Audrius simkus
      Hello, I had problem with my game, it was stuck, restarted phone, restarted game, and last thing what I did - delete game data, and when I lounched game again, my acc was gone, I was 47lvl, please help. Already written to support.
    16. UncleJimm
      Hi Chase, please explain on how war matchmaking is listed in cartel war in the latest update? is the priority for capo & right hand to be automatically participate even the medal rate is lower?
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    17. zecke2
      Thanx for answering....
      I hope you do so. But only give answer to questions and problems is not the solution. You must convince the dev team to fix or change the important things. Then we are on the good way.it takes always long time before you fix anything. . And please do not always release things that cost our money :-)
    18. zecke2
      it would be nice to hear from you . many players are angry and hope you bring constructive communication to us. its a very bad time for the game. if nothing change in near feature the game die. we need a forum mod who communicate MORE with us and a support which give us sensible answer to our question. we will help you and the devs to safe the game but you must do something now.
      1. Chase - FTX Games
        Chase - FTX Games
        I'm very much here! I have commented on all the issues as of late - but I cannot comment each time the same issue is brought up in a new post. It is just repeating the same thing - keep an eye out for my posts and you will see responses to all major issues =).
        Sep 7, 2017
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    19. zecke2
      Fix it NOW . not in days or weeks or most paying players say bye bye...
      some of our cartel members have said bye bye. and when our cartel is dead nobody from us will stay in this game and go to boom beach !!
    20. Dang.BQ
      To all players: let's us united and force FTX reverts back the new upgrade and stop crabbing players money.

      Please go to AppStore and rate them 1 start with all bad comments. This can avoid new player to fall in the trap and it could strong enough for FTX to change their mind!!!
      1. zecke2 likes this.
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