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Chase - FTX Games

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    please help
    How can I create a backup account, my account is registered in Facebook and when I want to register it in Google, the two accounts are associated and I cannot unlink them.
    Help me please!!.... accidentally saved one account progress over onto my other account and lost one account!! Is there a way to fix this?!please helpp
    Hello @Chase - FTX Games
    How comes you guys have done such a thing creating a towel that troughs out everything you guys charged for? Big bang, fired bomb, missile, flash bang.... Nothing is possible anymore. There is no way we can get back everything we have got and it is useless at this point. Can you guys do something about this? Alan's, flares, widow.. not even Parca or David are worth anymore..
    why you dont help us in this broken bounty hunt event?? its never happen before. only low point bases and now no targets avaible. whats going on?? ftx break their own rules. thats not fairplay. with this behaviour ftx get no more money from many players. help us and fix it soon before event is over
    Ftx stole my money
    I purchased an offer from the narcos wall and ironsource dont reward me with gold.
    I sent email to ftx but no response at all
    Buona sera
    Oggi mi è stato hakerato account, sono stati bruciato tutti i sicari e venduto tutto, mi è rimasto account nudo. ** screenshot e video. Non ** mai dato le mie credenziali a nessuno e l'account era collegato a Google. ** controllato le attività e nessuno è entrato con il mio account Google.
    Com'è possibile, ** speso un bel po' di soldi per quell'account !!
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    È passato un mese e ancora niente del mio account.... È vergognoso.... E nn mi risponde nessuno...
    Looking for active players to join Irish cartel army we are 5th in Ireland and a good cartel but need more active people lots of capos club bonuses
    hi, can you please make a explanation how ftx will fix this stupid no deploy disaster. or will ftx let die the game . why it takes so many month to fix this biggest game fun killing problem. nobody need no deploy .go back to the roots. tactic game is the key word. please give us more information . ty
    Chase - FTX Games
    Chase - FTX Games
    We have some counter strategies coming out for this soon. Hang tight!
    Bonjour j'ais un problème avec l'entrepôt de falco les bonus ne sont pas activé !!! Jais perdu 1 semaine de jeux veuillez régler le problème svp ou me rembourser mes pièces de raid
    Chase - FTX Games
    Chase - FTX Games
    Please send a detailed description of the issues you identified to narcos@ftxgames.com. We'll be happy to help you!
    Anyone got answer from Chase regarding the Fyber scam? I sent PM Monday, two days now and nothing happened. No answer from him no answer from Fyber gold still not credited...
    Hello Chase, I have the same problem as others with Lords Mobile. The offer was reach lvl 11 and than receive the gold. I reached lvl 11 and still no gold. I send 3 emails to fyber, but they said. That only new users could participate is this offer. Unfortunately for them as the offer started it wasn't in the description.
    I bought the 14000+3000 gold and I was billed around 112 usd but u didn't receive my Gold. Any chance to fix that ??
    Hi Chase. I made a purchase of Gold yesterday on 3-11-2017 and I was billed for that , but I didnt receive my Gold. Kindly let me know how I can my Gold.i won't dare doing more purchases if I dont receive this one. I have done alot before and all of them succeeded. Only this one I didn't receive it
    Hoi Chase, i can not put my 5th compound sicario... War is starting, need him. Played and paid a lot of gold for his skills!! When Will it be fixed?
    We have been trying to search for a cartel war opponent for the past 48 hours and haven’t been successful finding one. Has anybody else got the same problem?
    Lol,after 48 hours,just posting this, we finally got war.
    I lost access to my progress game. My game name is KHU from DAREDEVILS cartel and my level was 44. I reinstalled my game and by mistake i switched the account linked to facebook which generally i donot play. Kindly help me to retrieve my progress game account.
    Chase - FTX Games
    Chase - FTX Games
    Please contact our support staff for assistance: narcos@ftxgames.com
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