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Chase - FTX Games
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Jun 28, 2017 at 4:56 PM
Jul 3, 2013
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Chase - FTX Games


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Chase - FTX Games was last seen:
Jun 28, 2017 at 4:56 PM
    1. RC1
    2. Luciano De Nardi
      Luciano De Nardi
      I ask for a change in wars drawings ... those who receive an invitation to war must see the name of the Cartel and choose whether or not to accept the war. Also, the automatic exclusion of players by rating is not good, it must be done according to player level. Thanks for the attention. Good day.
    3. Luciano De Nardi
      Luciano De Nardi
      Good morning, why during a Finca attack its health diminishes with the destruction of other buildings? It should only decrease on direct attack ... thanks for the attention
    4. BigDock
      All y'all care about is making money not making your players happy!!
    5. BigDock
      Chase man what is going on with the cartel matchmaking? This is straight up BS!!!! My cartel is level 32 and it matched us up with a level 52!!! All of there players are at least 3 levels ahead of all mine. I pay too much money for this crap. With every update this game gets worse!!
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    6. zecke2
      after event end. many players have no sicarios in there list and now the game wont load. PLEASE FIX IT ..
    7. Ulquiorra
      Do u read all the postings in the forum?
    8. Marv
      Can i get a Subscription offer too?
    9. Jordan'Nataniel
      Chase hola buenas,
      Mira lo que se debe hacer aqui es que se tenga paciencia y los errorres se vallan solucionando de apoco por mi parte se que avarcan muchos errores, van aver personas insolentes e inpacientes que piensan que las cosas son faciles de solicionar pero yo se que no es asi , cualquier apoyo o cualquier consejo estoy dispuesto aportar lo que mas pueda este juego con tiempo ira mejorando.
    10. BigDock
      Chase I think y'all need to go back to the drawing board on this game cause everybody I talk to is very unhappy with it. And it would help if y'all wasn't so greedy with gold.
    11. Gary Mulder
      Gary Mulder
      I'm all about change but also about listening to change.
      Thanks for your time and I look forward to helping this game.
    12. Gary Mulder
      Gary Mulder
      Rewards after wars now are negligible compared to the amount it costs just to fight in them, take out skills etc...
      I have spent real money and way too much time invested to see this game head in the direction it's going.
    13. Gary Mulder
      Gary Mulder
      Hi Chase. I hope that this forum/avenue can help with the frustrations my team and I share.
    14. C@tPo0p
      why have I waited 14 days and had no response from support? I am very frustrated and on the verge of deleting. I have spent over $3k US dollars on this game . I have been a loyal player and I feel very disrespected.I was going to buy gold since I have been on a gold strike but now I'm not. I want to be compensated for this and I want it now or I'm gonna have my lawyer handle it.
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    15. sky_high
      hi it says to contact the admin to post, i would like to post. thank you
    16. Emmanuel
      Wew still no response
    17. Emmanuel
      Ibought 3x box limited edition. Discription said it gives max star but i only got 2x5 star and 1 olivia 4star pls fix your mess sir bcoz we spend money here so give us a good service that player.can enjoy it.
    18. Kali
      I only get 1 or 2 players a day and they are 7 levels above and have to wait 24 hours where is the fun in that it makes me give up. How the fck am I supposed to beat these bases I can't even revenge these crazy bases
    19. Dang.BQ
      Chase, so many people complain that they mapped with too high level opponents and they have no chance at all to defeat them.
    20. Sanchito

      Here is an idea ... how about in the talent search rather then random, you place a set gold price for a talent and offer those to the players. Money would still be spent. It would just allow a player to chose from a list of talents and get what they want knowing the set price. More and more players are becoming frustrated with the amount of money we spend and what we get in return ...

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