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Recent content by ACK Kappa

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    Lack of Response From Support?

    It is doing it again April stating Opps something went wrong, I cant even reply to our private message thread????
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    Lack of Response From Support?

    Now its not even letting me send you a private message
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    Lack of Response From Support?

    @April - FTX Games A help request has been sent through via email to support #329774 on the 29th August along with a further three emails. It states someone will be with me in 48 hours or 96 hours if received over the weekend..Well according to my first Email i now count 336 hours and...
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    @April - FTX Games You do have an account operating in Narcos so you will be able to see for yourself, Switch your squads over to Fuegos and attack a player base....You could then report the problem directly to the game Developers please.
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    Cartel chest and same old Skills....getting boring

    Would it hurt to offer some actual skills in order to make cartels go all out in a Cartel Chest event, we are tired of seeing the same old swapped week in and week out...Why could an offer be put forward towards a chest 11 of being able to Choose three skills that could then benefit the...
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    Game freezing during attacks

    Ben, the email address please
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    Game freezing during attacks

    Ben.........Six times the game has now frozen with all Squads lost, please place the email address in a response so that i can claim soem Compensation for the Resources i have now lost as a result of having to rebuild all 4 squads.
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    Game freezing during attacks

    Ben, Chase or April the Servers are down as the game is now freezing during an attack and entire Squads are being wiped. Please advise when this will be looked into as all attacks cannot be completed. Some form of Compensation should be discussed now for the resources lost...............
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    Adding Honor Tokens 1 at a time??

    and wait for the game to keep up with the Loading of the Tokens so stops every 2nd or 3rd token........ FTX can you please place a Slider into being able to load tokens in ugrading a Talent, can take 10 mins to add 100 to upgrade the Skill
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    War matchups

    Happens Regularly now we have had 8 Cartel members dropped from our last War. Now we have 34 ticked in and have been matched to a Cartel that we have already Warred against....C'mon FTX SOLVE YOUR MATCH UPS NOW AS YOUR ALGORITHMS ARE SIMPLY NOT WORKING.......
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    Pound Sic Skills........Error

    April I am writing to you as we are Discovering that our Pound Sic's with Lvl 4 Skills are now only showing up as Lvl 2 when being viewed by other Members within our Cartel, I would like to think those Skills are now not reduced to only Lvl 2 and that the Lvl 4 Skills are providing everything...
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    Cartel wars

    We Matched against a Cartel currently 35 V 35 War....Initially 38 selected for War from our Cartel. 28 of their players are above Lvl 50, highest being a Lvl 66...... Our Cartel we have only 8 above lvl 50 , highest Lvl player being 61 with lowest being Lvl 29.... Compund theirs Lvl 53 and ours...
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    Smuggler and El Patron statue

    April, Anything to Say on Why this statue is considered an EL Patron statue??? We need an Answer please
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    Good news about David/ Parca ?

    And Fix the War match ups as a Priority it is way out of Balance.....Focus more on Cartel Rating to level the playing feild and make it fairer for All Cartels to War against each other. This needs to be Done Now.........
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    Doesn't matter anyway as they are now advising you cant have Two EL Patron statues on your Base, Great work FTX why Destroy a Gold statue to now replace with a Lesser 1.... Those that work hard should be Rewarded with both Statues........