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Recent content by Lost_gravity

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    Well, the videos do not seem to work for me either.. not complaining though as raising a ticket is not worth my time. i doubt if anyones is happy to help.
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    Shame Ftx!!!

    Its just a shame that FTX had to kill the game.. they probably are not getting much revenue out of this game. Hence come up with a new game and milk the cash cows for another 2 year..
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    Game Update - December 2018

    Does it help creating a new cartel IN short you meant, FTX -- up once again.. I assume, you created a new cartel and moved your members out hoping to break d algorithm.. didnt u. lol
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    What is needed to Build statue ???

    I had 400+ gold n was able to build the statue.. without using it. there should be some other pre-requisite to get the statue.
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    New Update...04/09/2018

    Found this in the workshop..scroll all the way down.
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    Anti Firebomb sicario

    S Savage.. have some mercy on d poor àsoul
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    Forta on automatic generate outposts

    Oh yes, I got one yesterday.