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Recent content by MrBakoBullyz

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    Lost Account

    That was a good account
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    Pound sic skill set level

    Been like this for years
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    Halloween is a nightmare

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    Cincy Boys possible Merge?

    Bring em Over
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    sics on compound

    This will never get fixed
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    Why can sics and soldiers die after defeat of a base??

    They'll never fix it.
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    new unit

    Gotta level up to use the helicopter. Unlocks at level 61
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    Does Strong Medicine Skill Set apply to player bases?

    Strong Medicine doesn't work when using David Sicarios.
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    Same user in Two different tournament levels??

    Quit the Lies and just admit FTX hasn't fixed this or it's done on purpose for players to keep chasing "Ghost Players" Annnnnnnnnd in the example of Bob nobody is a winner...Bob chasing a Ghost which encourages spending.
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    Bring Back The Narcos Website

    Doesn't work?
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    Bring Back The Narcos Website

    Bring back the website
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    Toxicos Guerrilla Building Factories

    I have Guerrilla Building Factories built for Toxicos and the health and Damage boost from Guerrilla Building isn't showing up.
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    Player Feedback Opportunity: Sicario Talents

    Bet ur still a level 48
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    Strong Medicine Not Working

    I use Strong Medicine Skill Set and since last update it's not working when I use David Sicario...don't tell me to send reports through game or ask for video just FIX IT.