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Recent content by PociuS

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    Probably BOT from FTX
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    Match in war

    thanks to those who are reviewing and not answering that this is the life or nonsense of those. regards
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    Match in war

    :( everyday its this.. good luck x) its necessary a surrender button now regards
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    Match in war

    I know, I've been watching for months, it's not the first war that happens to us. But that's why you just have to say it, so they can go "fixing" it or equalizing the wars a little more. ;)
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    Match in war

    It's just an example. We have a complex level 91 and every 2 wars we have a global top10 cartel. The only option as you say is that you have to see the complex level (we were already asking if the level of the complex was the tool for pairings and they said no) because in medals, players...
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    Match in war

    @Ben - FTX Games How is it possible to get a pairing in war of 17 vs 17 if your cartel has below level 60 (a 57 and a 56) and our cartel below level 60 (55,54,46,55,54,52, 48.48.51, 52). Where is the logic and equality of the game? THIS CAN NOT GO ON LIKE THIS. I want explanations. regards
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    The last recruitment post you'll ever need to read!

    ok, I will speak this week with my cartel and with him and we try to spend a few days to see if we have sufficient level. a pleasure mate
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    The last recruitment post you'll ever need to read!

    I am Spanish. Member of the Cartel Español, since we were world top-1 for several months last year, we have been losing top members who have left the game. We were barely 2-3 from that time (Ochi also follows lvl 69 who could talk to him to spend with me).
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    The last recruitment post you'll ever need to read!

    Thanks for your time, knowing this if I see that I want to look for new challenges I will let you know. I will talk to my cartel and maybe I will spend a few days to see you and make some wars (if I enter them because of medals I am at 8.5k only compared to you) to see if I have a gap. Also see...
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    Error 10009

    Hi This morning I played with the new update but for a while it does not let me play and I get error 10009 I have reinstalled several times and it is not solved Solution? TY
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    The last recruitment post you'll ever need to read!

    Hi To enter No Bull is currently required 3 attacks of fires with David or if we still attack with torches and blinding could we also have a gap? I say this because in the future, if my cartel loses its activity, I may look elsewhere. I'm working to make teams from David's but it's hard to get...
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    New Feature - Sicario Sorting

    Congrat FTX for this new filter sic. He had been asking for a long time to group the sicarios and not be half an hour to find them
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    Player cheating!

    Please stop cry. Administrators have already told you that it is a game error. Stop accusing our players. A greeting to all.