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Recent content by Taco

  1. Taco

    David and Parka , Cartel Wars

    The game is already dead and I was a spender. I stopped, we war the same cartel over and over. Most of the Cartels we play are inactive or don't attack. Narcos is not creating anything different or new and it's killing the customer base. You can spend a lot of defense and still get burned by...
  2. Taco

    Speed ups for UG's

    I will make this short and simple. Why not speed up upgrades (UG's), for an hour or 2 etc. Instead of making us finish it?
  3. Taco

    New update

    I agree, we shouldn't have to wait to find out a simple update with a mean less addition.
  4. Taco

    New update

    That's all I see so far buddy. That was the big update that took a week lol
  5. Taco

    New update

    Definition of a true gamer. All war phone games are pay to win for the record. Now if it's video games it's a tad bit different. I paid for top brand astro headsets and a remote that allows you to have a lemon squeeze trigger. Won't tell you the brand because if you're a true gamer you already know.
  6. Taco

    [APEX] search for one of the best use the brackets when searching

    We're currently accepting players. Top players are a plus and new players have to be willing to listen and learn. Especially for wars 45/46 is out record. Lvl 46 pound and we beat ranked Cartels, check us out
  7. Taco

    New update

    I hope everyone understands this is one of the best war games I've seen and I've seen plenty. Played almost everyone, Narcos is the best by far and the prices not heavy. I try to bring over big spenders I know from MS and GOW, these complaints are understandable but don't sweat the small stuff...
  8. Taco

    New update

    Lol the cost smh
  9. Taco

    New update

    Can I ask what is the new update?
  10. Taco

    Current Maintenance

    This is beyond unprofessional. We all deserve an explanation and to be well compensated for the set back. Many of us have multiple accounts and I'm sure I'm not the only one who spend well.
  11. Taco

    Where to start

    Lol pretty much, not funny but that's exactly what they say. It's ridiculous to spend hundreds to thousands and can't get good customer service. No money out my pocket NO MORE, until issues are resolved. My account is maxed at 48 and beast so I have no rush for anything. 2nd account on hold
  12. Taco

    Where to start

    First I want to say you guys should definitely make it so where we can keep a list of what Cartels we defeated in WAR. That's crazy to not lost who we had war with. Second the different prices on packs is outrageous, I went from buying 12k gold packs for 39.99 to seeing 8k gold packs for 49.99...
  13. Taco

    Haha my teammate. We rocking bro

    Haha my teammate. We rocking bro
  14. Taco

    Complaints about david

    Look you guys, you can't cry a river everytime you don't get what you want. David is necessary for these guys who has a ton of health on finca. Figure out another defend strategy, I've seen people win against David. I've lost with David's, no matter what FTX does some will always complain. Get...
  15. Taco

    [APEX] Hellvelle

    [APEX] Hellvelle