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cartel war


    Why our cartel gets only stronger enemies in war.

    This is now 9th or 10th war that we get stronger enemies, there is no balance at all, is there something we should not upgrade in Capos or in our Cartel base to get more balanced enemies or is this simply the bad luck. Any tips are welcome, thank you in advance.
  2. A

    Factors that get you more medals to the cartel rankings??

    I was wondering if someone knows what are the factors that get you medals in the cartel so you rank higher? Is it the winning wars, the individual players medals or performance, the number of players ?if someone knows how the algorithm works please tell me cause it so ****** up we can not...
  3. K

    Hustlin santa muerte

    Hi everyone join Hustlin santa muerte We're actually lvl 3 and looking for back up Aller venez les mecs
  4. G

    BTK Cartel

    Join Big Tim Killers cartel for extra spaces in your your squad camps and massive boost to flaco power. We are always at war and we are looking for active members to come and reap the rewards with us. Minimum player level 30.
  5. C

    players above 40 welcome

    Hello guys we are looking new players with lvl above 40 :) our cartel is 39 lvl and we are very good but we have only 14 members and now we want more players. Welcome Cartel name: SLOVENIJA TEAM
  6. B


    I accidently left a cartel war during a cartel war. When I try to join any cartel, it says you've recently deserted a cartel, temporary unavailable to join a cartel! Anyone know how long this will take to to join a cartel? Thanks
  7. F

    Suggestion: Chat between cartels during War and ability to give up on a war

    Hi, Two suggestions to the game developers to make the game more dynamic: 1. Chat between Cartels during a War. 2. Ability to give up when a war is lost. The Chat option would work like the standard chat, but would only be available during a War between two Cartels. Should have mute option...
  8. C

    <+35><spanish cartel> JOIN OUR CARTEL!!! PLATA O PLOMO BARNA

    If you are an active player (+lvl 35) and want to win wars then you can continue reading this post. PLATA O PLOMO BARNA is looking for active players who donates and atacks on wars. We have won 28/33 cartel wars. We chat on spanish and we are friendly people. Join our cartel!!
  9. B


    Cartel en reformation On recrute tous joueurs motivés lvl 25 minimum Bonne ambiance pas de prises de tête Venez nous rejoindre ;)