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  1. Q

    Access Account with Facebook as Capo

    I used to switch between accounts on the same device with different facebook accounts. Worked out well so far also as a 'right hand'. Recently we swapped the Capo position in our cartel Legio Turicum. Since then I can not access the Capo account with facebook. You can click the sign in button...
  2. T

    Add friends from Facebook not working

    i have added a couple of friends through Facebook and I do not get credit for them and they started playing right from my request. They have logged in through fb from the game and everything. Can anyone help with this?
  3. >[Droopy]<

    Facebook and Game Center Conflict

    I was wondering if there is a way to link a new Facebook to my account through Game Center on my iPhone. The Facebook that is currently linked to it has an unwanted game save for Narcos: Cartel Wars and when I link a new Facebook to it it keeps the game save that is on the other Facebook. I have...