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  1. dsounded

    An ability to destroy buildings

    Since a lot of players on the start created buildings which are way too useless right now, even more they are affecting air strikes and short deploys (like labs, product storages etc) it will be great to add an ability to remove them(destroy). Also it's great to add an ability to plant a...
  2. M

    Friendly Raid or Attack

    I got this idea from Clash Royale. It would be good to have a friendly Raid system on a friend or a cartel member finca. In friendly Raid we would niether gain resource nor medals. It would allow us to experiment with our attack plans and variations and at the same time let the co-player know...
  3. Hbanx

    Suggestions from a gaming enthusiast

    the initiative of this post despite that all that was said is unfeasible, developers are too feigning, I may be tough in my remarks but developers do not deserve a community like this. I hope all players contribute to this initiative. Let's start by making a list of things that must...